The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for Seniors for This Year

In this article we discuss which are the best Hybrid clubs for seniors. The issue faced by senior golfers at some point is reduced distance as our ability to produce clubhead speed lessens. We can still strike it pretty well, but just not as fast! If we want to keep our handicaps as low as […]

The Most Forgiving Driving Iron for 2023

Driving irons, if you are comfortable hitting them, are a magnificent tool. We watch in awe when we see the pros on telly ripping a stinger driving iron from the tee scorching through the air just a few metres above the ground.  However, we are not all blessed with the talent of Tiger or Rory, […]

The Best Hybrid Clubs for Beginners

Our beloved sport does not offer many of us instant gratification, most of us go through long periods of torment before we start to hit the ball with any consistency. Therefore I urge all beginners to read this article, “the best hybrid clubs for beginners”.  Allow me to explain why finding the best hybrid for […]

The Best Driving Iron for High Handicappers

In this article we discuss and reveal what we believe to be the best driving iron for high handicappers. To get the most pleasure from your game, especially as a high handicapper  you need to spend as much time in the fairway, and as far down that fairway as possible. If the driver is not […]

The Most Forgiving Hybrid for 2023

The whole point of Hybrid clubs is that they are easier to hit and more forgiving than long irons. In this article we find out exactly which one is the most forgiving. How do we define “the most forgiving hybrid”? Not the longest, not the straightest, not the most workable, but the hybrid that delivers […]

Which is the best hybrid golf club for high handicappers?

Here we test the 2023 Hybrid offerings to discover which is the best hybrid golf club for high handicappers.  Why use a hybrid over a mid or long iron? In short, high handicappers benefit from using hybrids over mid and long irons in two vital areas. They are easier to hit and they are more […]

Minimi Laser Range Finder Review – Golf’s Smallest Laser Rangefinder

Our friends at Holiday Golf based in Marbella sent us the new Caddytalk Minimi Laser range finder to try out. So we thought we would pit it against a selection of devices currently in use to find which is the best golf rangefinder on the market today. Designed in Korea, this new pocket sized device […]

Superspeed Golf Swing Speed Training Review

Right. Most of you will have heard of or seen the advertisements for Superspeed Golf, “Unleash Your Speed” it says, “Gain 5 to 8% more swing speed in 6 weeks”, “bomb it past your opponents”  I bought one. I want all of those things! If it had promised to make me look younger and reduce […]