Range finders

There is no question that using a rangefinder is better for your golf. These devices have made us all go to the range at some point and figure out how far each of our clubs go! 

There are a wide variety of range finders on the market, GPS Range Finders, Laser Rangefinders at many different price points. All in one devices that can track your shot statistics and more. We aim to create for you a constantly updated guide to what’s hot, what’s not, the pros and cons and make our recommendations.

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More speed, more length, more consistency

The age old debate of accuracy versus length is still valid. However, if you want to hit it further, and we all do, then the basic requirements are to find the middle of the clubface and add more clubhead speed. Lighter clubs might help you to get more club head speed, stretching, resistance training, overspeed training, physiotherapy,  All of these things are commonly discussed when searching for more length off the tee and shorter clubs into greens. Bombing the ball further is rewriting how professional golf is played. The need for speed is filtering down to us mortals too. We will work with you to learn how to get that club head moving faster.


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